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Eduard Punset talks in this interview with Howard Gardner about the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and how it has affected what the Harvard professor calls “collective knowledge of the planet” and specifically in education, dealing with the key aspects of the “revolution” educational “: multiplicity of intelligence, brain plasticity, personalization of education, use of new technologies, different ways of learning, different ways of teaching, teachers as a guide in the learning process, new competencies of the 21st century, learning to throughout life …

A document that includes the main keys for the REVOLUTION, for the CHANGE OF EDUCATIONAL PARADIGM, which will aim to educate people who are free, who are critical, who are competent and above all, happy, as a result of being able to develop throughout his life to the fullest of his abilities.

” We have the necessary tools to produce a revolution in the way children learn. Finally, education will no longer be a machine based on the principles of the Industrial Revolution and will encourage children to find their own element. “

Eduard Punset

If each child receives the appropriate educational response to his / her endowment and this is continually reinforced through the possibility of practice, the capacity becomes a talent. And a society that invests in the talent of people is a rich, healthy and competent society.

You just have to listen to Gardner, to realize that we can no longer debate about theories, or about the tools. The validity of the theories begins to bear fruit; the use of technological tools is indisputable; the speed with which societies change is a fact.

It is time to take action…

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